In Riyadh


An intensive workshop in Riyadh with somatic acting coach, Laurance Rudic, in which the participants learn to organically create a character through developing a dynamic inner awareness of the body and emotions in movement.

Workshop will be held in English and Arabic (mostly English)

In order to live organically within the dramatic situation, the actor needs a concrete but also flexible communication process. Somatic acting develops a dynamic awareness of the body – senses, emotions and thoughts – and its impact on the muscles and joints as states of tension and release. The development of embodied awareness encourages a true and immediate expression of the moment, keeping it “fresh”, regardless of how often the actor is required to re-enter the dramatic situation.

  • Learning to “think” with the body by increasing awareness through movement of how it feels to be you on the inside and how to transform this sensation dramatically into the needs of the story.
  • Becoming aware of how you attend to your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.
  • Working with “live” emotions.
  • Acting out powerful emotional dramatic situations which encourage a more immediate expressiveness.
  • Learning to apply this embodied process to work on dramatic scenarios. These will be filmed on the final day of the workshop.

About Laurance Rudic

Laurance began acting and appeared in his first play when he was nine years old. At the age of sixteen while working as an office boy at the BBC, he was cast in the leading role in a BBC film drama.

At acting school, he rejected fragmented and academic acting methods and techniques and began searching for a whole-self, seamless way of development rooted in the immediate sense of himself as body, senses and emotions. At the centre of this living process was the ever-present spirit of improvisation.

After three years of study at acting school, he embarked on a long association with an internationally-famous theatre company based in his home city of Glasgow, Scotland. The company was a finishing school for many now-famous Hollywood actors including Gary Oldman, Sean Bean, Mark Rylance, Tim Curry, Tim Roth, Piers Brosnan, Ciaran Hinds and Ruper Everett. Away from the conventional world of theatre, he was free to be the artist that he always wanted to be – always creative and innovative while acting in a new prodiction every three weeks. After 25 years of working with the company and a great many roles, he discovered a basic and innate way of acting that is both solid and resilient.

Laurance has also played in many roles in numerous other theatrical, television and film productions including in London’s West End, and at the Royal National Theater in London where he was a member of Ian McKellan’s company. In between acting work, he studied Kathakali acting in South India and taught improvisation to refugee Tibetan opera artists based at The Dalai Lam’s headquarters-in-exile in the Indian Himalayas.

He has traveled extensively in several countries, including: Morocco, Iran, Afghanistan and Egypt, researching the roots of traditional performance to enrich his creative process. In 2000, he visited Egypt and was invited to transfer some of his practical experience to others. He has conducted several workshops in various places, including: El Warsha Theatre Company; The American University; the Cairo Contemporary Dance company (CCDC), the Egyptian Actors’ Union; Studio Zat and The Arab Film School.


  • Duration

    08 Sessions – 24 Hours

  • Dates and times:

    • Mon. May 15 from 7:00PM and until 10:00PM
    • Tue. May 16 from 7:00PM and until 10:00PM
    • Wed. May 17 from 7:00PM and until 10:00PM
    • Thu. May 18 from 7:00PM and until 10:00PM
    • Fri. May 19 from 7:00PM and until 10:00PM
    • Sat. May 20 from 7:00PM and until 10:00PM
    • Sun. May 21 from 7:00PM and until 10:00PM
    • Mon. May 22 from 7:00PM and until 10:00PM
  • Fees

    3,500 SAR

  • Payment Method

    50% of the workshop fees confirm your registration, if you did not pay before we get the
    maximum number of participants, your registration is not valid.
    You can also pay through Symple, 0% interest – 5 months installments

  • Refund Policy

    • Before two weeks of the workshop starting date participants will get a full-refund.
    • During the last two weeks before the workshop starting date participants will get 50% refund of the total price
    • One week before the workshop starting date participants can not refund their payment.
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