In Cairo


A five weeks intensive workshop. Four days a week, four to five hours a day. It would be an intensive physical exercise.
The workshop deals with freeing the actor and presenting exercises where the actor can experience personal freedom to be able to awaken their creativity as an artist.

  • Week 1: Body and Beliefs Exploration
    • Introduction to the workshop, program overview, and goals.
    • Understanding the body and its role in acting. Identifying and addressing limiting beliefs.
    • True relaxation techniques from Strasberg training.
    • Introduction to etudes from Demidov training
  • Week 2: Monologues and Character Discovery
    • Review of relaxation techniques. Introduction to monologues and the five basic character questions.
    • Exploring monologues from an organic and truthful perspective.
    • Actor games to challenge creativity and thinking.
    • Continuing monologue work and character development.
  • Week 3: Props, Activities, and Scene Work
    • Understanding the power of props and personal activities in acting.
    • How props and activities influence dialogue and character development.
    • Introduction to scene work while continuing exploration of relaxation and sensory.
    • Scene work practice with a focus on incorporating props and activities.
  • Week 4: Integration and Advanced Scene Work
    • Combining all elements learned so far: relaxation, monologues, props, and scene work.
    • In-depth exploration of etudes, integrating them into scenes.
    • Advanced scene work techniques and character development.
    • Preparing for on-camera work and understanding the camera frame.
  • Week 5: Synthesis and Final Showcase
    • Review and synthesis of the entire program.
    • Revisiting any actor issues that have arisen and addressing them.
    • Final rehearsals for a showcase.
    • Dress rehearsals and preparations for the final presentation.
The basics study material will stem from:
Stanislavski’s – An Actor Prepares, Strasberg At The Actors Studio, The Lee Strasberg Notes, The Vakhtangov Sourcebook, Nikolai Demidov (becoming an actor creator).