• Writer & director: Saadany
  • Producer: Maximous Magdy
  • Art director: Ahmed Saeed
  • Dop: Islam Eldesouky
  • Costume designer:
  • Editor: Ali ElGohry
  • Sound Engineer: Mahmoud Saeed
  • ADs: Yomna Magdy – Ibrahim Nour – Yasmin Negm – Wael Salah – Esraa Ezz
  • Cast: 
    • Farid: Fady Eman
    • Manager: Nagui Chehata
    • Seliem:Youssef Hany
    • Mazen: Karim Samir

Synopsis: 9 PM

After an unsual nightmare that seleim saw last night, his mother received a call from her legendary hrandfather who is 200 years old and totally disappeared from seeing any member of his family in this generation, asking her to meet her son urgently.
All thoughts in her mind are about fortune, that’s why she made seleim go to the visit despite the sudden illness of his cousin.
When Selim went to his grandfather’s house, he was surprised by many things that made him try to end the visit several times in succession, but he was surprised that he could not do anything in front of his grandfather, who knows everything and even controls people’s lives.

  • Country: Egypt
  • Genre: Magical Realism – Drama
  • Language: Arabic
  • Color: Color
  • Length: Short
  • Duration: 15 Minutes
  • Format: Digital
  • Production: Arab film school