It’s often said that you can make a bad movie with a good script but you CAN’T make a good movie with a bad script! Behind the existence of new screening platforms that requires standard specifications for writing depends on international Drama standards, it’s IMPORTANT to new writers to consider.

In this Scriptwriting Workshop, the curriculum depends on preparing and directing the participants to deal with the new cinematic systems through a well-studied academic approach in drawing the dramatic line, building characters and formulating the plot. In addition to training the participants on extrapolating the trends and requirements of the global Film market

In this workshop:

  • The basics of the script; starting from selecting the topic to screen!
  • How to write a proposal?
  • How to make the Plot and when?
  • Timing, rhythm, dialogue, etc.
  • The business of scriptwriting, the experience of the global and Arab film market, the
  • standard specifications and its renewed requirements in the context of the existence of cinematic display platforms such as Netflix, Apple, Amazon and HBO!
  • Starting on 12 November, 2022
  • Saturdays and Wednesdays
  • From 7 to 10PM
  • Venue: 18 ABDALLAH DERAZ ST, Ard el golf, Cairo Governorate.
  • Fees: 14000LE
  • # Payment Method #
    • You can pay 50 % of the full amount as a down payment to confirm your registration , and the other 50 % of it , will be paid at the first session.
      Duration: 14 sessions
Script Writing
  1. Full refund till 7 days before the workshop
  2. (6 – 1 ) days before the workshop, 20% of the “FULL AMOUNT ” will be deducted
  3. After the first session, 50% of the “FULL AMOUNT” will be deducted
  4. No refund after the second session.