MAY 2022
The workshop is an integrated experience to study cinematography throughout 21 theoretical and practical lectures in cinematography with the DP Hesham Gamal and DP Mahmoud Lotfy, It also includes lectures on directing with the Director Mohamed Nader to complete the experience, and the participants can then prepare for being professional DPs
  • First 6 sessions with DP Hesham Gamal:
    • Theoretical content of the digital cinematography and lighting course:
    • Fundamentals of Digital Cinematography: An introduction to the art of digital cinematography.
    • In this session, we’ll introduce the theories of photography in general, regardless of the medium. Then, both the foundations and techniques of digital cinematography.
    • In addition to exposure and the various factors that distinguish the art of photography in general from various other creative forms and styles, the factors of quality and visual aesthetics in the cinematic film.
    • Persistence of vision theory: an explanation of the phenomenon that was relied upon to discover the art of cinematography and to sense the continuity of movement in moving images.
    • The shape and installation of the digital cinematography machine:
    • Digital Camera parts: a detailed view (with visual illustrations) of the installation of the digital camera and its main parts:
      o Camera Body.
      o Camera Lenses.
      o Digital Theory.
    • Exposure: an explanation of the effect of both distance and time factors on the correct exposure in the digital cinema image, with exposure to all types of sensitivity in each of:
      o  Light sensitivity.
      o  Light sensitivity.
    • Lenses and image sizes:
    • the types and sizes of lenses in general (short, medium, and long focal length), and the zoom lens used in cinema.
    • Cameras and their relationship to image sizes, as well as the most important fundamental differences between each of them and their types.
    • Optical properties of lenses: an explanation of the creative role of lenses as an effective means of visual expression, and their effect on image formation, and the effect of optics in general on depth of field in the image .
    • Theory of digital cinematography and the method of visual processing:
    • The first step.. It’s related to the optical projection of the scene that is being photographed is performed on the sensitive material.
    • The second step, which is related to the digital processing stage, it’s called the process of converting the potential image into a digital signal.
    • The difference between the theory of traditional and digital cinema: an illustrative comparison of the difference between the theory of the work of the cinematic image and the photographic image, and an accurate scientific description of the process of converting the optical image in the light image into an electronic signal.
    • Camera mounts: a detailed explanation of all the different types of cinematic camera mounts, such as: Tripod – Dolly -movement car – Crane- Steadicam- portable camera.
    • Camera movement drama: An explanation of the distinctive methods of camera movement drama and its impact on the artistic meanings and values ​​in the image.
    • Composition and framing studies: as one of the basic elements that focus on the image, especially in drama,
      and the relationship of the subject that is photographed with the backgrounds and accessories accompanying the visual elements and the angle of view.
    • Cinematic lighting and image dimensions Lighting: an explanation of lighting techniques as the main creative element in building the cinematic image .. with exposure to both the artistic and dramatic goals that we seek to achieve in the image through lighting, which works to highlight the aesthetics and positive characteristics of the subject.
  • Second: 12 sessions (Practical) with DP Mahmoud Lotfy:
    • Explanation of the triangle of exposure (lens aperture – shutter speed – ISO).
      and the other camera options.
    • Choosing the right camera for each shot.
    • We will focus on:
  1. How to determine the choice of camera for different projects.
  2. Use the maximum capabilities of the camera to take the required shots.
  3. Using accessories and what accessories for each camera push its possibilities to the limit.
  4. Using different lenses to get different results in each shot.
  5. Explanation of the circle of light (theoretical + practical)
  6. How to make a low key or high key scene.
  7. How to adjust contrast in a scene.
  8. Starting to implement simple scenes based on a fixed shot, focusing on lighting sources.
  9. Starting to perform scenes with movement, whether for the actor or the camera.
  10. From the sixth day, it is preferable to move to the plateau for a long working day.
    • During the practical sessions, how to illuminate the green screen will be explained.
  1. Photographing interviews in different formats.
  2. Product photography.
  3. Then we’ll read some practical theories while filming, such as:
  4. Do I need to have a clear picture all the time?
  5. Can inappropriate camera choices be used in a scene on purpose?
  6. How to get amazing low budget shots?
  7. What other cinematic tools can be used besides the camera?
  • Third, 3 directing sessions with director Mohamed Nader
    • In those sessions, the students will learn about the most important rules of directing that they should know as professional directors of photography.
    • *Projects implementation: 3 sessions
      Three long practical sessions, where the participants make simple projects, and discuss them with the instructor
  • Starting 30th of May, 2022
  • Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays
  • From 7 to 10 Pm, some of the practical sessions starts at 6pm
  • Venue: 18 ABDALLAH DERAZ ST, Ard el golf, Cairo Governorate.

Fees: 8000LE

** Discount 1000 EGP for ” The First 5 Participants Only “. **
# Payment Method #

  • Now you can pay 50% as a downpayment , and 50% at the first session
  • Duration: 24 session including 3 long practical sessions so every participant can implement his own simple assignment and apply all what he studied


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This Workshop is an integrated experience to learn the academic and professional skills necessary to be a filmmaker! Starting with the idea, directing, script writing, cinematography, editing and film music! How to make your project budget and all papers required to apply for any fund or logistical support and market your film? With a group of professionals in the Film industry.

In this workshop:

  • (6 sessions) with the scriptwriter Adam Abdelghaffar
    During the workshop, the participants will rehearse on writing their own script ” Final Project ” , accessing a cinematic treatment for each person’s project, then filming the footage and directing a scene, through which they will be filtered and only five students will be selected to qualify for the development workshop with….
  • The Director Sherif El-Bandary:

    . During the project discussion lectures, each student will present a preliminary scenario for his own project and discuss it in detail with the director “Sherif El-Bandary” and his colleagues, and prepare for the implementation of the film after the end of the workshop period, which the school will support with the necessary equipment
    Only one film will be selected as the best film to be fully produced by Arab Film School.
  • Starting Sunday 15th of May, 2022
  • Sundays, Tuesdays , Thursdays
  • From 07 to 10PM
  • Venue: 18 ABDALLAH DERAZ ST, Ard el golf, Cairo Governorate.

Fees: 10500LE

** Discount 1500 EGP for ” The First 5 Participants Only “. **
# Payment Method #

  • You can pay 50 % of the full amount as a down payment to confirm your registration , and the other 50 % of it , will be paid at the first session.

Duration: 40 sessions



Or you can contact us through 01098601564