JAN 2022

The workshop is an integrated experience to study cinematography throughout 21 theoretical and practical lectures in cinematography with the DP Ahmed Hussein and DP Omar Rushdy, It also includes lectures on directing with the Director Mina Hany Abdel-Malik to complete the experience, and the participants can then prepare for being professional DPs


  • Lighting and its effect on the cinematic image
  • Dramatic effect of lighting and different angles of light
    Identify the different types of lighting in terms of color temperature, size and strength
  • The dramatic effect and use of each of them
  • Practical training on the use of lighting and the distribution of light to people using variety of lighting equipment and professional cameras
  • Practical training on lighting different places and spaces with a variety of dramatic effect using Professional lighting and cameras
  • Special effects, cinematic tricks and chrome
  • Who does the team work consists of? , what are the different professions within the technical work, and the role of each individual?
  • The cinematographer’s relationship with the director and his reading of the script
  • Introduction to film directing and identifying the sizes of shots, shooting angles, and what is the font placebo
  • The role of the director of cinematography and how to manage the professional work
  • Cinematographer’s assistant (Focus Puller) during work and distance measuring devices and equipping the cameras


  • Directing sessions
  • Number of sessions: 3 sessions
  • All these lectures will be combined with 3 lectures of director Mina Abdel-Malik.Through which the student will learn about the most important rules of directing that they should know as professional DPs
    *Projects implementation: 3 sessions
  • Three long practical sessions, where the participants make there simple projects, and discuss them with the instructor
  • Starting February 23, 2022
  • Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays
  • From 07 to 10PM, one of the practical sessions starts at 06 PM
  • Venue: 15A – AlAhram street, Korba, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate

Fees: 6500LE
# Payment Method #

  • Now you can pay 50% as a downpayment , and 50% at the first session
  • Duration: 18 session including 3 long practical sessions so every participant can implement his own simple assignment and apply all what he studied


Or you can contact us through 01098601564