Art Direction
OCT 2021

Theoretical part:
-Introduction to art direction and what is the difference between the production design and art direction and set design
-Imagination practicing and convert it to a visual image and how to deal with a script
– Watching artworks clips and analyze their art direction (movies, series, ads, and TV programs)
-Basic design and compositions
-Lenses types
-Color theories
-Create a perspective based on art director’s analyzing for the script
-Kind of budgets required for different artworks (movies, series, ads, and TV programs)
-Different techniques for designing based on the budget available
practical part:
-during the second part of the workshop, each group is going to work on their own project and discuss it
-create a set in two practical days at cinematic plateau

Starting October 01, 2021
Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
From 07 to 10PM



Or you can contact us through 01098601564