Box office success is such a magic for screenwriters, Ahmed Murad is one of those who own the secret spell of that magic in the Egyptian cinema industry. His last couple of movies “Keera & El Jin” and “Blue Elephant 2” has amassed the highest revenues in the history of Egyptian cinema.

Ahmed Murad’s screenplays apply the universal standards which are used for Script writing. Within his workshop with Arab Film School, Murad has developed a curriculum to train students how to coop with the industry changes, starting from creating the main idea, story line, characters’ creation and plot structure. In addition to training the participants on extrapolating the trends and requirements of the global Film market.

In this workshop:

  • The basics of the script; starting from selecting the topic and main concept.
  • How to write a proposal?
  • How to make the Plot and when?
  • Adjust the story timing, rhythm and dialogue techniques.
  • The business of scriptwriting, the experience of the global and Arab film market.
  • the standard specifications and its renewed requirements in the context of the existence of cinematic display platforms such as Netflix, Apple, Amazon and HBO!
  • Starting on Sat 12 Nov 2022
  • Saturdays and Wednesdays
  • From 7 to 10PM
  • Venue: 18 ABDALLAH DERAZ ST, Ard el golf, Cairo Governorate.

Fees: 14,000 EGP

# Payment Method #

  • You can pay 50 % of the full amount as a down payment to confirm your registration, and the remaining 50 % to be paid at the first session.
  • Duration: 14 sessions

Workshop Registration

  1. Full refund till 7 days before the workshop
  2. (6 – 1 ) days before the workshop, 20% of the “FULL AMOUNT ” will be deducted
  3. After the first session, 50% of the “FULL AMOUNT” will be deducted
  4. No refund after the second session.