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The Workshop are divided into three stages
First: conforming

  • What is conforming and the obstacles that can meet the trainee in order to accomplish this stage
  • Practical application for each trainee on the above
  • Color space
  • At this point, es, sRGB, and RGB will be recognized
  • Learn about rec709, DCI, and Aces, and use each of them and their lineage for television and cinema
  • To reach the best result and the difference between log, RAW, and linear

Second: Color Correction

  •  At this stage, we will learn from the beginning the stages of correcting the image from white balance and color basic correction and how to read the scope
  • Practical application (scenes for which the trainee will make a color correction with all the details of the image, including skin tone and kying)
  • What are the methods that make us control the image
  • Practical application (each trainee will make and color correction of a scene from the Conform to the end)
  • The appropriate codecs for television, online platforms and cinema, and the difference between them.
  • Color matching in the sequence of shots, which is a very important stage as it is an essential part of colors in general.
  • (Practical application for this part)
    Application with the trainees on almost 3 scenes, conforming, color correction and matching

Third: Color Grading

  • In this lecture, we will learn about Color Grading and Color Theory and how to get a picture has a mood action, horror, romance or comedy, and make a practical experience for it
  • The difference between action, horror, romance and comedy modes
  • Assignment for applying all the above
  • The techniques in dealing with the image and the treatment of noise
  • Practical assignment on applying all of the above in details by coloring a short film,
  • in which the trainee will apply and discuss all stages withe the instructor
  • All lectures will have a practical application that the trainee will carry out and discuss about it before the beginning of the basic session to ensure comprehension and mastery
  • In the last lectures, the students will move with the instructor to the New Black studio to get acquainted with the whole experience
  • Good students can assist the instructor in one of his artworks
  • Starting November 30, 2021
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • From 07 to 10PM
  • Venue: 15A – AlAhram street, Korba, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate

Fees: 5500LE
# Payment Method #

  • You can pay 50 % of the full amount as a down payment to confirm your registration , and the other 50 % of it you can pay it at the first session.
  • Duration: 12 sessions


Or you can contact us through 01098601564