• Director: Nour Nafeth Albarghouthi
  • Story by: Hesham Elsherif
  • Screenplay: Hesham Elsherif & Nour Nafeth Albarghouthi
  • Producer: Nour Nafeth Albarghouthi
  • Co-producer: Arab Film School
  • Assistant Director: Youssef Sobhy
  • Director of Photography: Ali Al Gohary
  • Cast:
    – Nonia Malik
    – Maha Elmarraghi
    – Iman
    – Evram Awad
    – Faisal Sameer
    – Dina El Gendi
  • Editor: Hamany
  • Assistant Editor: Mohamed Bdair
  • Production Assistant: Saadany
  • Casting Director Assistant: Mustafa Ezzat

Synopsis: Nadia

In a low-income neighborhood, Nadia, disguised in sportswear and a head covering, returns home after two years away. Urged by a distressing message from her sister, Marwa, she confronts the grim reality orchestrated by her brother, Essam. Marwa is under threat of a forced marriage to Mr. Bakr, at Essam’s behest.

Navigating through emotional reunions and a desperate plea from her sister, Nadia devises three elaborate plans to save Marwa from this forced marriage. However, each plan is met with resistance and deception. As a last resort, Nadia takes a courageous stand and confronts Essam, resorting to drastic measures to protect her sister.

In a climactic confrontation, Nadia’s resilience shines as she defies her aggressive brother, ultimately leaving an ind…

  • Country: Jordan – Egypt
  • Genre: Drama
  • Language: Arabic
  • Color: Color
  • Length: short
  • Duration: 10-12 Min.
  • Format: Digital
  • Co production: Arab film school




نور نافذ البرغوثي | من الأردن إلى مصر ـ وتحقيق اول فيلم قصير

نور نافذ البرغوثي | من الأردن إلى مصر ـ وتحقيق اول فيلم قصير أنا نور نافذ البرغوثي، فلسطينية مقيمة في الأردن. في مايو ٢٠٢٢، اتخذت قرارًا غير حياتي بالكامل، تركت عائلتي، ووظيفتي كمسؤول أول للإعلام الرقمي والاتصالات في منظمة غير حكومية دولية، وكل شيء خلفي من أجل متابعة شغفي بصناعة الأفلام في مدرسة السينما العربية…