• Writer & director:  Yasmine Negm
  • Producer: Arab Film School
  • Production Manager: : Maximous Magdy
  • Art director:Basma Alreefi
  • Dop: Islam Eldesouky
  • Costume designer: Yasmine Negm/ Basma Alreefi
  • Editor: Ali ElGohry
  • Sound Engineer: Mahmoud Saeed
  • 1st Assistant Director: Wael Salah
  • Executive Director: Esraa Azab
  • Cast: 
    • Fayrouz Elsawy
    • Mary Girgis
    • Fadwa Tayeh
    • Yomna Magdy

Synopsis: DOAA

Doaa a sculpture student in faculty of fine arts has invited her school friends after about a year without communicating with any means to ask them for a help to convince her tough mother to accept Doaa marriage to the love of her life who are a teacher assistant in her faculty. They started their reunion “Doaa, Noha, Laila” with hugs and emotional greeting, Noha and Laila were blaming Doaa for not responding to their trials to reach her, she was confused and sad. They started talking about their updates trying to break the ice with Doaa as she was crying. She told them about Sherif and what she wants them in and she told them that her mother refused Sherif because she is sick and needs Doaa by her side and treats her very harsh she destroyed her sculpture before they came and she can’t stand her about her married sister who travelled with her husband and isn’t helping her anyway. They feel sympathize towards Doaa but they saw that she will be selfish if she left her mother, Doaa was very angry from Laila’s words and she started to tell Noha about Laila’s betrayal to her when she had a secret relationship with Noha’s boyfriend. They were all sad and disappointed, Noha was upset from Laila but she decided to help Doaa both leaving Laila away and Noha started talking with Doaa then suddenly Doaa’s mother entered the room she started telling them how much she missed them and she is very sorry she was out all day. Noha and Laila was astonished that she was out and Doaa left hem once because her mother was asking her to come and she isn’t sick and isn’t tough to Doaa, which made Laila ask Doaa to make them see Sherif that they know he doesn’t exist he is in the delusions of Doaa the same as the things about her mother.
  • Country: Egypt
  • Genre: Drama
  • Language: Arabic
  • Color: Color
  • Length: Short
  • Duration:
  • Format: Digital
  • Production: Arab Film School – Arab Film Center