A month-long intensive workshop in Cairo with the Scottish coach Laurance Rudic, in which the actors learn how to build a dramatic character through correct self-dealing and developing inner awareness.

Content :

How to live within the dramatic experience fully united with the self, the workshop depends on the development of internal awareness of the living and present moment in the body, senses, emotions and thoughts and their impact on muscles as states of tension and liberation. This is the organic basis for acting with oneself and living within the dramatic character. For an actor who needs a tangible and also flexible communication tool, body awareness encourages true and immediate expression of the moment and is always “fresh” no matter how many times the dramatic energy exits from the actor.
The workshop will be in 2 parts:

-1st part: 6 sessions:

  • Learning to “think” with the body by increasing awareness through movement of how it feels to be you on the inside and how to change this.
  • Becoming aware of how you attend to your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.
  • Working with ‘live’ emotions.
  • Acting out powerful emotional dramatic situations which encourage a more immediate expressiveness.


– 2nd part: 6 sessions:

  • We will continue working with the body and learn to apply this to work on dramatic scenarios. These will be filmed on the final day of the workshop.
  • Starting from Saturday 14th January 2023.
  • Every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday
  • Monday From 7pm to 10PM
  • Venue: Arab Film School: 18 Abdallah Deraz St., Ard El Golf.

Fees: 10,000 EGP
# Payment Method #

You can pay 50 % of the full amount as a down payment to confirm your registration, and the other 50 % of it you can pay it at the first session
* * * 15% Discount for first 5 participants * * *

Duration: 12 sessions 

  1. Full refund till 7 days before the workshop
  2. (6 – 1 ) days before the workshop, 20% of the “FULL AMOUNT ” will be deducted
  3. After the first session, 50% of the “FULL AMOUNT” will be deducted
  4. No refund after the second session.